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We welcome students who seek internship as part of their course work or otherwise. Our long and deep association with the local community provides you a fertile ground for research and field work in a variety of subjects, be it education, children, agriculture, conservation, rural economy, gender and so on and so forth. The internship can be of any length as required by your course work.

Though we provide local mentoring, you must first apply through your institution of affiliation. All interns are required to pay, according to current norms, for all the organisational services availed during internship.


People from all walks of life and profession are welcome to share their expertise with our team and children through the mentoring programme. Let us learn from you. If you think you have any skill that can be of use to us please feel free to approach us. The guiding principle is that whatever you offer should make a positive change to someones life and work.

Mentoring programme does not have any limit of space and time. It depends on your timelines and the subject you chose. You can even become an long distance mentor communicating through electronic media.  

Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering is a way to give back to the society. It is an innovative tool to enhance one’s own well being too. Corporate offices are choosing volunteering, both individual and in groups, to infuse a sense of fulfillment and worthiness and to encourage their employees associate with the world outside meaningfully.

If you want to facilitate such an initiative at your office too, please write to us immediately. Remember, there are numerous who need your help and would be thankful for every tiny contribution.


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