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Donate for Bus fare

With the generous support of many Friends of Adharshila, the “Toon Bus” is now a reality. This 42-seater bus will make two trips daily to bring over a hundred young Adivasi children to the Adharshila Primary School in Agara. 
It will cost us Rs.15,000 per month to meet the cost of fuel for the bus, but the parents of these children cannot afford to pay. They belong to India’s poorest section of society, reliant on monsoon farming and migrant wage work to make ends meet.
Quality education at Adharshila in villages like Durreri can make a world of difference to children like Seema and their younger siblings, whose parents were displaced from the Kuno national park two decades ago.
You can choose to make a recurring or one-time donation to cover the full/partial cost of bus fare for these young kids.
Please help us with this endeavour by contributing here:

Adopt a Child

The average cost of taking education to one tribal child is ₹ 5000 per year. It includes tuition fees, books and notebooks, sports material, resource material for classroom teaching etc. You can chose to pay for one or more child for a year or for a period in multiples of that.

Sports and Study Materials

If you wish to give the children anything to read, play or engage with, you can choose the object and donate exactly the amount that it costs.

Please write to us to discuss ‘sports and study material’ requirement of our schools.

Donate for a Hot and Nourishing Midday Meal

The Adharshila School provides a hot and nourishing midday meal to all students in the Middle, High and Senior Secondary School. The meal allows the children to retain high attendance levels, since they don’t need to cycle back 5 to 10 km during lunch break. It also provides critical employment support to a local women’s self-help group that cooks for the children.  
Just Rs.3,300 can meet the cost of a midday meal for one child for an entire academic year! You can make a one-time or recurring donation to cover the full/partial cost for one or more children.


Winter Love

Winter season is particularly harsh for the children owing to the fact that they never have enough cover. This makes them fall sick and often skip school. You can donate for sweaters (₹ 250 apiece), uniforms (₹ 500 per set) or shoes (₹ 250 per pair) or for any other item of clothing that you chose.

General donations

Providing education to the children in the remotest of villages entails expenses in a hundred ways. If you are not sure giving for a particular expenses you can just donate to the general fund. There is no minimum or maximum limit but we ensure that its benefit reaches the children of our area.

If you wish to donate to our CORPUS FUND please write to us. Corpus funds are not spent but invested (as per GoI norms) and the returns are used for project expenses.


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