Adharshila will be a space where young first generation learners from underprivileged backgrounds will engage creatively with syllabus-based learning. They will have the chance to play, create, experiment, innovate and enjoy, while also learning from books and classroom lessons. Adharshila will offer them opportunities to learn using all of their senses and a variety of media, to become gainfully employed and empowered citizens of India.



To impart high quality school education to underprivileged rural children so that they attain formal skills required to bring positive changes to their life and livelihood.



  • Eklavya's Bal Vigyaan Patrika published a poem written by   our Satellite Resource Center teacher Ms Jyoti Kushwah.
  • Our student, Mr Nal Singh Adivasi received the Medhavi Protsahan Puraskar from Madhya Pradesh Government for scoring distinction in Class 12th board exams.
  • Opened two new SRCs in village Jakhoda and Dangpura.
  • Organised Legal Literacy workshops for Adharshila Staff.
  • Vacancy for the post of Teacher Trainer.
  • Adharshila is soon going to be a solar powered campus.
  • Adharshila has recently organized a month long Capacity Building Workshop for the teachers.
  • Conducted vocational training for Sahariya youth.
  • Adharshila now has a School Management Software – Fedena.
  • Long awaited Internet Connectivity is now a reality at Adharshila!



  • Interschool painting competition
  • Republic Day celebration
  • Sitara cup - the interschool cricket tournament
  • Theater event











The Adharshila School was established on August 15, 2005 at village Agraa in the Vijaypur tehsil of district Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh. It aims to bring meaningful and relevant education to first generation school-going children in a fun-filled manner. Most of the children studying at Adharshila belong to the Sahariya, an adivasi community of the Chambal forests.

The Adharshila Middle and High School is situated among the green fields between villages Palpur and Agraa, near the Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary. Its serene surroundings create an ideal environment for learning. Nearly 300 boys and girls come here to spend days full of fun and learning.

The Adharshila School is now an integral part of the social landscape of the region. Its existence and growth is vital for long-term sustainable development of this economically poor and natural resource rich region.





The Adharshila Schools are run by the Adharshila Shiksha Samiti, an educational society registered in 2003 with the Registrar of Firms and Societies, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, under the Madhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 1973. Its 7-member Governing Board consists of individuals from diverse walks of life, united in their commitment to the idea of universal and meaningful education.

Adharshila’s teachers are a group of young, dedicated and enthusiastic men and women, most of whom belong to the region. Several are themselves recent graduates from the Adharshila School.


1. Dr Asmita Kabra

2. Mr Syed Merajuddin

3. Ms Abha Singhal Joshi

4. Mr Pradeep Joshi

5. Ms Shweta Rao

6. Ms Pratima Mishra

7. Dr Arnab Mukherjee



Adharshila works through a ‘hub-and-spoke’ model to provide education to the widest number of underprivileged children in the project area. We run 15 ‘satellite’ schools in villages located at a distance from the main road and a high school. Young children in the age-group 4-15 receive primary education through these ‘satellite’ schools, and then join the Adharshila Middle and High School at village Agra. With the opening up of 6 new satellite schools in 2015, we have expanded the outreach to over 1100 students.




The Adharshila School was set up with funding support from the Dorabji Tata Trust and ASHA for Education (USA). Its current supporters include various corporate and individual donors.


Indian Donors


   1. EdelGive Foundation


   2. Sita Devi Malhotra Charitable Trust


   3. Dharampal Satyapal Group


Foreign Donors


    1. Bhore Foundation, USA


    2. GlobalGiving UK and USA




Account name: Adharshila Shiksha Samiti

Account number: 2764000100039219

Account type: Savings

Bank: Punjab National Bank

Branch Address: Dhobini, District Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh (PIN 476332)

IFSC code: PUNB0276400

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Adharshila has undergone stringent due diligence and received accreditation from several reputed organizations for good governance practices. Every rupee you donate is fully accounted for, and reaches the target group effectively and fully.


Adharshila has undergone stringent due diligence and received accreditation from several reputed organizations for good governance practices. Every rupee you donate is fully accounted for, and reaches the target group effectively and fully.



Account name: Adharshila Shiksha Samiti

Account number: 2764000100066833

Account type: Savings

Bank: Punjab National Bank

Branch Address: Dhobini, District Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh (PIN 476332)

IFSC code: PUNB0276400

*All Indian donations to Adharshila are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.





  • Annual cost Rs.1,20,000 (Rs.10,000 per month)
  • Helps 50-70 children to get high quality primary education
  • Covers the cost of 2 teachers and basic resources
  • After primary school, the child can join the Adharshila Middle School



  • Annual cost Rs.60,000 (Rs.5,000 per month)
  • Each teacher helps to educate 30-40 children
  • The teachers are recruited and trained from local area
  • Teachers are often graduates of Adharshila High School



  • Annual cost Rs.5,000
  • The money is spent on books, study, play material, computers, lab facilities
  • It also helps to meet recurring costs,  infrastructure expenses and teacher expenses



  • Minimum contribution Rs.25,000
  • Interest from corpus provides financial sustainability to the initiative



Join hands with Adharshila to volunteer, contribute to, and associate with a hands-on, life-changing experience of working in an Indian village. You will find a stint with Adharshila a highly enriching experience if your areas of interest include any of the following:

• Teaching underprivileged rural children

• Curriculum design and teachers’ training

• Equitable and sustainable conservation of biodiversity

• Sustainable agriculture for semi-arid tropics

• Vocational training of rural youth

• Adivasi culture and way of life

• Preserving indigenous health traditions and knowledge






Q. What is the future of the children after they pass out of Adharshila?

A. All our graduates so far have got jobs, become self-employed or are studying further. We are setting up a series of Vocational Training programs to increase employability of our students in government and private sector jobs, both locally and in cities.


Q. Who are Adharshila’s major funders?

A. We are currently funded by the Tata Education Trusts, the Sitadevi Malhotra Charitable Trust, the Bodo Huetten Foundation (Germany) and various individual donors and patrons


Q. What are Adharshila’s overheads as compared to total cost?

A. Adharshila’s overheads typically stay below 15% of total costs, so that the major part of our donations go straight to the beneficiaries


Q. What is Adharshila’s total annual cost?

A. Our total annual cost is about Rs.24 lakhs, or about Rs.2 lakhs per month


Q. Does the top management draw a salary?

A. No. All members of the Governing Board (except the Secretary, Mr Merajuddin) work in a voluntary capacity


Q. Does Adharshila have recognition from Government bodies?

A. Yes. Adharshila has been granted 12A and 80G recognition by the Income Tax department, FCRA clearance by the Union Home Ministry, and recognition as a High School by the Madhya Pradesh State Education Department.


Q. Are donations to Adharshila eligible for tax exemption?

A. Yes, all donations in India, the UK and the USA are eligible under the local laws of these countries.


Q. Does Adharshila follow efficient management practices?

A. Yes. Our team and teachers face regular performance appraisals, and various donors perform due diligence on us from time to time.


Q. Does Adharshila have regular audits?

A. Yes. We have had formal audits of our accounts for the past 6 years, and our account books are available to anybody on request.


Q. What are some of Adharshila’s key achievements in recent times?

A. Please visit our website or Facebook page for the latest achievements, events, announcements and other updates.